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What is Winter Tonic? Winter Tonic is a kind of Chinese Herbal Medicine repeated boiling and evaporating to extract, condense a large number of treasure Vulva moxibustion into to a small amount of herbal juice,then add sugar or honey to make the herbal juice thick as semi-fluid formulations.

So it has a high The Theory of Winter Tonic: Winter is the season of the human essence collections for the coming year energy.

Topic 35: Vulvar and Vaginal Disease

If winter is not prepare enough essence, it is often easy getting disease during the season changing in spring. Winter Tonic not only to consolidate and improve the body's immune system, but also help dispelling evil disease, balancing yin and yang, driving blood and body fluids so that the body be replenished.

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Then the body is able to re-enter a state of equilibrium. Winter Tonic has been proved by science. Also people have better appetite in winter, serving tonic easily absorbed, and more effect; Objectively speaking, because the human body need energy to adapt to the cold winter climate, so need to increase the nutrition and calories.

Az orvosok leg traumatikusabb módszere a diatémocoaguláció: valójában a méhnyak nyálkahártyájának helyi érintkezésben lévő hővel való égetése és ennek következményei. Ráadásul a nagyfrekvenciájú áram hatása a méh izmainak spazmájához is vezet, és ezen túlmenően az esetek felében az erózió is előfordulhat.

Who do need the Winter Tonic : 1. Chronic diseases: such as chronic kidney disease, asthma, hypertension, etc. The elder: the physiological function of the elder tend to vulva moxibustion, winter tonic can enhance physical fitness, anti-aging 4 Female population: women often appear blood deficiency, lack of vitality, prone to cause premature aging.

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